Remote connect to the Orange Pi

Connect remotely with PuTTY

You can remote connect to an Orange Pi on the same network, from Windows, as soon as you finish installing Armbian. You will need to download PuTTY.

Also, you need to find out the IP address of your Orange Pi. Just plug an Ethernet cable in the Pi and read the IP address from the connection settings on the task bar. Open PuTTY and type in the IP address of your Orange Pi in the ‘Host Name’ field. For ‘Connection type’ select SSH:


Next press ‘Open’. You will see this login screen, where you have to type in your credentials:


Now you have remote access to the Orange Pi and you can run bash commands in the terminal. Here is a reference of commands for those new to Linux. You can also start writing shell or Python scripts with the text editor called nano for example (here is a reference for nano).

Connect remotely with Remote Desktop Connection

In case you prefer to work with the graphical interface, you need to call:

sudo apt-get install xrdp tightvncserver

When you finish the installation you can connect using the Remote Desktop Connection application from Windows. After typing in the IP address you should see this screen:


Once you enter your credentials you will have access to the Armbian desktop from Windows.


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